Italian Flavor

This is the page that should have an Italian flag at the top with the “Eh Cumpari” playing in the background.

My maiden name is “Bambi” which led to questions such as “where’s Thumper?” and “did they ever find the guy that shot your mother?”

My great grandparents hail from Sciacca, a town on the southwestern coast of Sicily. They arrived at Ellis Island around 1910 and made their homes on Main Street in Norristown, Pennsylvania. Family history and Italian culture plays a big role in some of the things I write since they have shaped me as a person. Family doesn’t have to be blood – they are the people you invite to your table.

Every Christmas, my best friend and I make factory like proportions of cookies. The recipes have been passed down from our grandmothers. Here is an a list of some of the items on our list.

  • Pizzelles
  • Ricotta Cookies
  • Italian cookies with Sprinkles and icing
  • Magic Bars
  • Reindeer Poop – (butterscotch morsels, with Chinese noodles)
  • Russian Tea Balls

And if you are in the still in the mood for some Italian tunes