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NAHS is empowering girls to reach the Summit

The Young Scholars Program at Norristown High School has their sights set on something much bigger than bake sales or car washes. The grassroots mentor program provides students with academic and personal support, leadership opportunities, partnerships with business and government institutions, and college and career preparation. In its fourth year, the Young Scholars was co-created […]

Strength of ‘Scandal’ lies in its gladiators

Is there really such a thing as appointment television today? Everyone is so occupied with their form of “busy” – work, family, or making it seem like they are busy to keep up with everyone else. There is also the competition from other forms of media. Netflix and Hulu don’t tell you when you have […]

Accident motivates Plymouth Meeting woman to give back

Marissa Witman is about to take a bike ride to nowhere. At the Cyclebar in Plymouth Meeting she will hop on a bike and pedal to the sounds of EDM and current chart toppers. Her heart rate will rise and she will feel the burning sensation so familiar to those hate it and those who […]

Mark Pulcini, keeps things growing as horticulturist at Elmwood Park Zoo

The latest nor’easter might have put a damper on your dreams for this year’s garden. It’s hard to imagine flowers in full bloom or juicy tomatoes on the vine when there is nearly a foot of snow on the ground. Elmwood Park Zoo horticulturist Mark Pulcini is a lot like the United States Parcel Service. […]

The road to Donkey’s Too is smoother than Cheez Whiz

The continued quest for satisfaction sometimes takes you to parts unknown. Frodo and Middle Earth. Dorothy on the Yellow Brick Road to Oz. For me and my family, one of our quests are for culinary brilliance. Especially when it comes to cheesesteaks. We are on a wiz-stained journey to taste bud nirvana The Philadelphia area’s […]

To Jerry Spinelli, success comes from enduring failure

Last Saturday, Norristown-native and award-winning author Jerry Spinelli spoke at Elmwood Park Zoo during their Read Across America festivities. He could have spent the majority of the time discussing his long and successful career that spans almost four decades. Instead, he spent an equal amount of time, perhaps more, examining failure. “I think life is […]

Vincent DePaul delivers a welcoming wake-up call

“Katie, it’s time to wake up,” my mother said in a singsong voice, stroking my hair. As my first alarm clock, this was how she woke me for school. She walked to the window and opened the curtains to “let the Lord in” and did a musical number like a real-life Disney princess. At least […]

Norristown Area School District celebrates birth of Dr. Seuss

NORRISTOWN – Judge Gregory Scott knows about the powers books possess. Not only from a judicial perspective and the “throw the book at him” cliché. Growing up in poverty in Norristown, Scott spent hours after school at the Norristown Public Library where he did his homework and read. Inside the pages of books, he was […]

For NAHS swim team, the wins aren’t in the stats, they’re in the athletes

Al Pacino won his only Academy Award for Best Actor for his role as retired Army Ranger Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade in the 1992 film, Scent of a Woman. One of the main reasons Pacino claimed the coveted prize was his iconic speech at the end of the movie. A blind Slade enters the packed […]

Matt Durkin to stage Broadway hit ‘Avenue Q’ at The Center Theater

NORRISTOWN – Don’t let the Muppet costumes fool you. If you are waiting for Kermit to make a cameo during Avenue Q you are going to be either sorely disappointed…or pleasantly surprised depending on your sense of humor. In May, the Center Theater in Norristown will be presenting Avenue Q, the raunchy, raucous, Muppet musical. […]