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Emlen Tunnell, the first African-American inducted in NFL HOF, Gets Statue

First published in The Spirit Newspaper on July 26 By Katie Kohler In a backyard studio in Bucks County, a seven-foot sculpture of Emlen Tunnell is basking in well-deserved attention. Members from the Sports Legends of Delaware County Museum are taking a few minutes to reflect the fruits of their labor from the Emlen […]

Emlen Tunnell Broke Barriers on the Gridiron

First published in the July 26th issue of The Spirit Newspaper By Katie Kohler Jackie Robinson is largely know for breaking the color barrier when he became the first African-American in the major leagues when he played with the Brooklyn Dodgers. With a career batting average of .311, Robinson became the first African-American inducted into […]

Big cats bring big dreams to Norristown zoo

Progress is measured in many ways. When it comes to the Elmwood Park Zoo, progress is measured by a child’s memory. Like others from Norristown and surrounding towns, the zoo was a regular activity. From my childhood memory – which can be spotty but contains beautiful recollections – the zoo was free and we deposited […]

Players, community to pay tribute to a Norristown coach and mentor

The game of football is finite. One hundred yards. Four quarters. No career lasts forever, even though Tom Brady may test the limits. But the camaraderie and lessons learned through football can be infinite. In May 2016, longtime former Norristown High School head football coach passed away after a battle with cancer. Grove began as […]

ACPPA Community Art Center, Norristown, is a key to the future

Brain drain is a term for a significant emigration of educated or talented individuals. It’s often referred to on the city-level when college graduates leave after graduation. Educated individuals make for desirable employees. If their education includes arts and culture it gives them an appreciation of music, theater, galleries, and maybe even different cuisines. On […]

Palm braiding isn’t always in the blood

My mother braids palm during the Lenten season and on Tuesday morning, my aunt, Anne Dearolf, was with a group of other volunteers in the basement of Holy Saviour Church. Ever the family historian, she told me how her, my other aunt Toni, and my father used to go the Children’s Mass on Sundays at […]

Legoland in Plymouth presents a world in miniature

When in Rome…. When in LEGOLAND, get a kid’s perspective. During a preview event for LEGOLAND Discovery Center at the Plymouth Meeting Mall, I enlisted the help of my friends Alex, 5, and Gavin, 4, to help explore the soon-to-be opened indoor LEGO playground which features 10 LEGO play zones, including MINILAND. Children of our […]

Case study of an Italian-Catholic grandmother

Case study of an Italian-Catholic grandmother. Submitted by: Katie Bambi Kohler Subject: Mary Borzillo Date(s) of study: March 17 – March 24 The following are key points and discoveries while observing the subject, Mary Borzillo a.k.a. “Gram,” “Grandmother,” “Mary Sue,” during her stay with her granddaughter, the submitter “Katie,” “angel,” “Katie Bambi.” 1) The mass […]

SpringHouse Revival’s “Second Chance,” a Deep, Personal Album

By Katie Kohler Writers write. It doesn’t matter where or when. Gordon Glantz worked in journalism for twenty-five years covering a wide range of subjects. He wrote at crime scenes. He filled his notebooks from the sidelines detailing athletic feats. As managing editor, he penned a weekly column. Today, Glantz is a freelance writer and […]

It’s Viva Las Vegas courtesy of Variety children’s charity

When it comes to gambling, for me, the time to fold them, walk away and run is almost immediate. During my first trip to Atlantic City as a legal age gambler, I put five dollars in the slot machine which disappeared faster than crumbs of funnel cake in front of a flock seagulls. I moved […]