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Emlen Tunnell, the first African-American inducted in NFL HOF, Gets Statue

First published in The Spirit Newspaper on July 26 By Katie Kohler In a backyard studio in Bucks County, a seven-foot sculpture of Emlen Tunnell is basking in well-deserved attention. Members from the Sports Legends of Delaware County Museum are taking a few minutes to reflect the fruits of their labor from the Emlen […]

Emlen Tunnell Broke Barriers on the Gridiron

First published in the July 26th issue of The Spirit Newspaper By Katie Kohler Jackie Robinson is largely know for breaking the color barrier when he became the first African-American in the major leagues when he played with the Brooklyn Dodgers. With a career batting average of .311, Robinson became the first African-American inducted into […]

SpringHouse Revival’s “Second Chance,” a Deep, Personal Album

By Katie Kohler Writers write. It doesn’t matter where or when. Gordon Glantz worked in journalism for twenty-five years covering a wide range of subjects. He wrote at crime scenes. He filled his notebooks from the sidelines detailing athletic feats. As managing editor, he penned a weekly column. Today, Glantz is a freelance writer and […]

Characters Come to Life at the Enchanted Library

“Politics, man. Politics.” We utter the phrase in disgust during this feels-like-Moses’-forty-year-journey-though-desert election. It’s commonly tossed about when things don’t go our way from the boardroom to PTA meetings. Except when politics or nepotism works in our favor then we are suddenly pro-politics. As a board member of the Upper Merion Township library for the […]

No Escaping the Latest Attraction in King of Prussia

If it’s fall it must be pumpkin spiced or haunted. Either way, the sugar or adrenaline high wears off within five minutes and you are left wondering, “I paid for that?” I may never understand why people pay to get the beejesus scared out of them at Terror Behind the Walls or Frightfest. I’m pretty […]

Comic Book Store Owner Finds the Real Deal

Spoiler alert: the next superhero blockbuster is inside Comic Zen on Main Street in Lansdale. “Absolutely,” agreed new owner Tim Hershey. “It might be happening in the next month with Dr. Strange and Wonder Woman. There is a whole slate coming out and most of them are movies I totally believe in. If you look […]

When the Eagles win, we all win

Philadelphia Eagles fans have been hungry for a championship since 1960. Their appetite isn’t limited to Super Bowls. Many fans can’t imagine tuning into their beloved Birds without a perfect game day spread. Hall of Fame selections include pizza, wings, hoagies/zeps, cheesesteaks, beer and chips. Nachos, pork sandwiches and meatballs are the crafty veterans of […]

Springsteen could lead a generation to seek help

Bruce Springsteen to his millions of fans across the world is known as a musician. There are other descriptions for the New Jersey born rocker – storyteller, humanitarian, “The Boss,” and with his recently released autobiography, Born to Run, author. In the book, Springsteen describes the magic act. “…Eighty thousand rock and roll fans waiting […]

Political fantasy meets reality with Tony Goldywn’s visit to Norristown

I don’t talk politics in my column. Too many other columnists in the newspaper choose to make it their main topic. It doesn’t mean I don’t care about the current state of the country or its future. I do, just in my own personal way. Although I don’t wax poetic about the interworking of the […]

From the playground, a lesson in the art of inclusion

It’s after dinner o’clock and the slight chill of fall begins to seep into the evening air. The playgrounds at the Greater Plymouth Community Center and Heuser Park in Upper Merion are at their peak occupancy. The scene is similar at Sutcliffe Park in Conshohocken and Anytown, USA. Kids racing down the slide to beat […]